Moisture Resistant MDF

MDF MR are boards for load-bearing use in dry and humid conditions. MDF MR are manufactured in compliance with EN 622-5 as MDF.HLS type and are defined as structural components for use in humid conditions for instantaneous or short-term periods of load only. Boards are particularly suitable for construction applications that require panels with high load bearing capacity and moisture resistance and for a wide range of interior applications. The product is suitable for further processing and painting. Boards are produced with green-colored fiber as standard.


EN 316; EN 622-5

Formaldehyde Class

E1 (EN 120)


- Fine surface
- Good mechanical performance
- Homogeneous characteristics
- Moisture resistant
- Perfect for painting laminating, veneering and foiling


- Furniture components
- Partitions
- Areas that require protection from moisture
- Cladding
- Exhibitions (displays, stands, kiosks)
- Packaging
- Retail and commercial applications
- Skirting boards / architrave
- Window boards / sills

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